Blank Mind

So because my mind has been blank for sometime, I have chosen to not write on the blog because it would be a big disservice to the blog and to me mentally. So since I have last been on here, I have left my old job started something which has stretched me in a different […]

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What is music to me? Music is the part of me that cant change no matter any of the bullshit happening to me. music is the part that i can just go into a big space and think about what I’m doing with my life or hide what I’m thinking about.  It’s the part where […]

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Jay Electronica in London

Jay Electronica has been in the music business since 2004. He has ties to Nas, JDilla and Erykah Badu. and for that he gets a massive salute by the team in angiesquest because of all the talents he has to worked with. He is so underrated as an hip-hop and music artist that sometimes we […]

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2Pac- Me Against the World

It’s hard to beileve, Twenty years ago today Tupac Shakur released his third solo album. In a time where there wasn’t any iTunes or youtube, Tapes and CD where the way we the audience listened to music. when listening to Me Against the World. its hard to believe that one music’s biggest legends Tupac has […]

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Lupe Fiasco- Tetsuo & Youth

Finally I’m back with a new post and this time its Lupe Fiasco’s new album Tetsuo & Youth. Now Lupe opens the album with Mural which is 9 minutes of rap which is done, with no hook and it endless. He raps about his brothers porn stash and how he went through it looking at […]

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