• The Art of Diss TracksĀ 

    The Art of Diss TracksĀ 

    So on Saturday we was gifted with diss track that was needed in hiphop for sure, Remy Ma went and destroyed Nicki. I have never really been fan of young Nicki her career is not one I’m here for. I’m all about rap music and hiphop. I’m for the culture. I have always felt that…

  • Lovebox

    So what happens when a music addict finds out that an artist from New york is coming to perform one of the best rap albums of all times, she goes crazy and buys the ticket for the event and when she and her friend get there she enjoys it like mad and all she can…

  • #nas #hiphop #legend #music #wirelessfestival2013

  • #nas #hiphop #music #kings #legend #Amywhinehouse #wirelessfestival2013

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