It’s A New Year…..

So as the new year has come, I didn’t want to write anything about it being a new year but I think it’s time to talk about it. The last year was fun and easy, I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the music that came from it. I managed to enjoy new and old music […]

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This week 

Usually I’m alot better at this whole updating the blog thing. I’m so run down this week, I feel like I have been run down this whole week. Pretty pictures and great music have been keeping me sane as well as tequila and wine. ​​​ ​Now this week was it Missy’s birthday so salute from this […]

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Frida Khalo 

In the streets of Hackney, there are days where you can stop and find such beautiful art. Especially of a woman who is an inspiration to many.
































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S&S Designs 

 This post is all about what my girls can do. Shanika and Sarah. Working in Textile Surface design. They make all kinds of ormants and crafts also working with 3D designs. These girls work hard on all projects they have and it’s only right I show off some of the stuff they  do. I’m proud […]

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RIP David Bowie 

It’s a different kind of post this week . It’s hard to believe musical legend David died this week. Just days into releasing his album. He died after battling cancer for 18 months.  David wasn’t only a musical legend he was also an artist as well and actor. Innovator of doing what he wanted when […]

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