The Art of Diss Tracks 

So on Saturday we was gifted with diss track that was needed in hiphop for sure, Remy Ma went and destroyed Nicki. I have never really been fan of young Nicki her career is not one I’m here for. I’m all about rap music and hiphop. I’m for the culture. I have always felt that […]

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Run The Jewels 2

Run The Jewels are back, last year Micheal “Killer Mike” Render and Brooklyn based rapper Jamie “El-P” Meline joined forces to make the duo Run The Jewels. their really focus being eliminating crappy rap and hip-hop. by grabbing the microphone they let their completion know they are here to stay with aggression and metaphors, letting […]

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So what happens when a music addict finds out that an artist from New york is coming to perform one of the best rap albums of all times, she goes crazy and buys the ticket for the event and when she and her friend get there she enjoys it like mad and all she can […]

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Summer 2014

I look forward to this summer being one of the best, with many festivals and concerts planned for this year as well as holidays. what i have planned for me and the besties is holidays in Italy, Spain and France as well as New York in September and for me a christmas holiday in Africa […]

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Nas – Illmatic XX

On April 19th 1994, Nas released his debut album and who would have thought 20 years on the man would still be making music to this day. Nas is one of hip-hop top lyricist taking hip-hop back to its roots. along Tupac and Biggie he has got to be one of my favourite artist of all time. when […]

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