• ?????

    What is music to me? Music is the part of me that cant change no matter any of the bullshit happening to me. music is the part that i can just go into a big space and think about what I’m doing with my life or hide what I’m thinking about.  It’s the part where…

  • Music Madness

    Music Madness

    How much music goes into what we decide is the best course of action? . Everyday we listen to different kinds of music to determine what we do. When we go to work, when we go to the gym or just when are with our friends. Everyday we listen to something and it can reminds…

  • ODD Future’s Odd Ball Earl Sweatshirt

    Coming the stage and touring with Earl is Ratking and the trio who are Sporting Life, Wiki and Hak. who I can say are one group that i will be following the group from now on. They have this energy that makes the audience spring to life. They perfumed a crazy set, which was Hyped up…

  • RedBull Culture Clash

    A$AP MOB VS BOY BETTER KNOW VS REBEL SOUND VS STONE LOVE                                                       A$AP ROCKY

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