Oscars So White 

Believe me when I found out that the majority of the oscars was just going to be white again. I saw on Twitter OscarsSoWhite trending yet again. I asked myself how could that be when so many fantastic films was done in 2015 that could have been nominated. Straight Out Compton, Creed, Concussion, Beast of […]

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RIP David Bowie 

It’s a different kind of post this week . It’s hard to believe musical legend David died this week. Just days into releasing his album. He died after battling cancer for 18 months.  David wasn’t only a musical legend he was also an artist as well and actor. Innovator of doing what he wanted when […]

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Diversity in Hollywood

So i have been reading a lot about the whole situation with actors and actresses of colour who don’t campaign for any of there wins. So in the percentage of ethnic people who do act, there is maybe 4/5 categories in what they can act like. There is the slave, The angry abusive mother, or […]

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