The 30th year….

Not many have the blessing of reaching 30th. There’s magic in that number 30, there’s a moment in time where you forget all that has happened in life when you reach that age.

Life is special, life is a blessing and for a long time. I carried so much pain caused by loss. Loss has a way of stripping you to your bare soul and taking everything from you if your not careful.

Grief, loss and pain it comes with life and joy, happiness and fulfilment comes as well. When you say goodbye it gives you a outlook on how to do things. How to take in the blessings you have been given.

Once upon a time my mother was talking about what she wanted for me as I turned 30 and in all those conversations happiness was key. Never give anyone your happiness Angie. Live for you. Enjoy the small moments and the achievements you have been blessed with. Angie 30 is a year that you enjoy no matter the good the bad and ugly. Not many will be with you in this journey some will leave you and that’s okay. Carry on this life journey.

So as I have shed my 20s and welcomed in my 30s. I have come to be a peace with certain matters and people and let people don’t serve me go. That’s okay. It’s okay to let people go.

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