Finding Inner Peace

How does one find peace after so much trauma and problems. That never ending cycle of disbelief. You learn to pick yourself up after the cycle of hurt. Some people just don’t know how much they can hurt people with words or even actions. 

The one thing I had to learn about myself, learn to have thick skin. People don’t know what effects you and what doesn’t. Motherhood is also teaches you that no matter how many times you fall you get back up. There is no right way or wrong way within motherhood, try and try again. With that death also teaches you that nothing is permanent, life is fleeting what you enjoy today can be gone tomorrow. So just enjoy and live everyday like it’s your last build solid foundations for yourselves.

Babies are going to grow and you are as well. Nobody stays the same forever. The whole point of getting older and wiser is having growth within ourselves and within our relationships be it family relationships or romantic.

There is nothing wrong with growth and establishing boundaries within that growth. What you allowed to take place in your 20s can’t be allowed in your 30s. There is a boundary you can’t cross with that.

Choosing peace is always the best boundaries for when people want to fight with you. I’m not going go fight with anyone it takes too much energy and time away from life. I refuse to be in that time anymore. I hope people understand where I’m coming from with that. I chosen to enjoy the gift of life and the joy that comes with life.

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