The Birth Of Struggle?

We can go through life not knowing where its going to take us thats the unknown that comes with life, the not knowing that comes with real life struggle. How do we figure out how to navigate waters when we feel like we are drowning? I think that’s always the question we have for ourselves.

Now i can’t say that I have never struggled with the life I have lived. Some would say I have lived a billion different lives.

There has pain that has come from living a certain way, with different struggles. Now when you come from a single parent household your outlook on life is very screwed up.

Even if you struggled with what was going on, life wasn’t bad when you had a parent who was always there to guide you with life. There is always a non existent person who likes to pretend that life was perfect when you know life wasn’t.

I started working when I was 15 to take the burden that my mother had away and it worked it taught me a lot of things about life and independence. After that outlook on life, the key is not to be too independent because later on you need to learn about trust and confidence.

Me in general I’m go with the flow kinda of person, even with 1 year old. I don’t make plans I just do things on a whim. I have a way of doing things that works for me.

My mother taught me keep things for you and always look after yourself, do the pedicure or the massage or even the holiday. If you don’t you will lose yourself and the key is not to lose who you are.

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