Perception​ vs Reality

Perception vs reality…….Motherhood

when people look at me what do they see? I often wonder, I used to think they saw a confrontational woman who is always speaking her mind. But sometimes that’s not the case. I learnt a long time ago there is two ears and one mouth.

Life has a way of humbling you and if you don’t take heed of the lessons that life is showing you it will continue to humble you. Changes come with age and life experience. How you look at yourself as a person in your twenties is vastly different to when your in your late twenties or thirty’s.

I have never had problem doing what needs to do be done in order to get things done. I’m not one to ask for favours or handouts. That’s just not the way i have done things in the past. I also don’t know if that’s a good thing or not only time will tell.

But now that’s changed, being a mother means never being afraid to ask for help. Being a mother means that you put your pride to the side and accepting that maybe someone wants to help you. Maybe a friend wants to hear your thoughts, maybe a cousin wants to hear your cries.

There is nothing wrong with that, a mother cries for her children. It’s one the most selfless jobs you could have. But we have to remember just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we forget who we are. The essence of you also shows up in the children. They only learn from you, follow your example.

The perception would have us think parenthood is easy and a walk in a park. That there is an easy fix for all things like that. Sometimes the kids are going to scream your head off and throw away brand new items. All you can do is laugh it off and do you.

I ran into my mums old friend not long ago and she told me don’t lose yourself as you have kids. Be you, treat you don’t forget who you are.The reality is that parenthood is a good, bad and ugly. Lack of sleep and concentration and focus. Use the community you have and if you don’t have one try and build one.

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