The Next Episode…

The chapter of my mothers death really put me in a chokehold. Full of grief not understanding why God would do me this way. I have been a good person. Working from the age of 15 all the way up to when Covid hit the UK and everything shutdown . I have gone to school, gone to university for both my bachelors and masters. So why would God do me this way. I lost my faith after that happened. It hit me super hard. I think that after that I lost my faith in people as well as God. Slowly but surely it’s coming back.

Now a year later I would like to say I have found peace in her passing. She was called up for a reason and as difficult as it is to accept that she is gone. I have peace that she is resting. This is a woman who worked hard for all her kids so that we never went without anything. She was the definition of strong black woman.

As I move forward in my new life as a mother, carer and all round amazing person hahaha. I give thanks for the life I was given and thanks for all the amazing lessons, I have learnt in my 29 years alive. I have learnt some bitter lessons about life and some fantastic lessons on life. life is truly an amazing gift and it’s also what you make it. With everything I have endured and passed through I’m not afraid of what life has got to give me.

I now go through life celebrating me as a mother and sister. One who can get through any hardships with determination and grace. It takes a lot of strength to say goodbye to someone who shaped your life in many ways.

As I said goodbye to my mother, friend and confidante I say thanks to her for all the lessons she has taught me about life. About being the best you and living your life with no regrets. So thank you mama for the lessons and rest easy with all the peace you need. For we are okay ♥️♥️♥️

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