Healing After loss

I think when your growing up, nobody tells you how life is going to be no one tells you that life can end instantly and change how you navigate a new life.

The journey of life changes as you grow, how you was as a teenager is vastly different to your twenties and your thirties. The growth you come across should be one that teaches you that not everyone is perfect and that life is not linear.

Healing means that you accept all the mistakes you have made and accept that those are part of you. Growth means accepting that not everyone will be good for you and the people who said they will be for you will not be. Not everyone can handle what comes with grief and that’s okay. You find a new appreciation and approach to people.

My mother used to say watch how people treat you after going through painful times and moments. Observe them closely, See the ones who will be there for you in trying times and who will not be. That tells you the most about human behaviour in a nutshell.

Human behaviour is one of the most craziest things to witness and not everyone reacts the same way to sad news or traumatic news. Some take time to really soak in what has happened. Some just ignore the loss and go on as if nothing has happened. I think that’s maybe me, a person who has just ignored it so that everyone else can go on.

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