The Quest Goes On….

So as February comes towards me, I’m waiting for all the music acts to come outs, so i can start my music cycle again. So we have my first RnB concert of the year, which is Blackstreet Boys, Mario Winanis and Horace Brown. which is not a bad start to the year. we went to this one and boy was we drunk and just enjoying the vibes. Definitely an older crowd mixed with a younger crowd and we danced and moved like we was in a 90s Rnb video

I wan to believe that i have started the work to change this year by doing what i enjoy the most which is exercising and going to concerts.Then the next one is Nas, The Lox and DMX, which is one i have been waiting for. To DMX who has had his struggles perform is crazy to me, that’s a big message for anyone who has struggled to go on and live for you.

So i have the East coast hip Hop legends and then In April i believe i have the West coast with a huge lineup.

And now more great artist are coming







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