December sings….

As we draw into the end of the year and look at resolutions if we believe in that kind of thing. I’m really looking at what i promised myself i would do and if i have accomplished that, also I’m not sure if i have even remember what i put down. so let’s go.

  1. To travel more
  2. To love more
  3. Do something crazy
  4. Let go and be zen
  5. Trust in the universe
  6. less judgmental
  7. just be me

Trusting in myself and letting go off the bullshit that a lot people like to bring to me is one of the best things that has happened. because I’m at a huge point in my life where i just don’t care for the small things. If it doesn’t help me grow and become a better me I’m saying no to all of that. I’m not for the bullshit for real for real.

As the year finishes up, I’m really looking at myself and can’t believe the year I have had. I have found something new and fresh and exciting and with that I’m really looking forwards to what 2020 brings me

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