Health is Wealth….

The saying goes health is wealth and being a black woman in this world it rings true in every form. Recently i went through me own crisis and it made me realise that i have to start taking better care of myself, i haven’t got high blood pressure or diabetes thank God and i have never had to go the hospital for such a thing that’s major crisis. switching lanes has allowed me to grow and become better accustomed to how life can throw many different health crisis at the minute. i have allowed myself become accustomed to a more plant based diet and that has changed my energy but I’m not vegan. I’m still getting the protein by eating chicken or fish but i never eat red meat, its not something that will ever come into my system.

when looking into the plant based or vegan lifestyle i feel it suits me better because of how much i take in my diet and because of that I’m not one take in any red meat its not something that i feel i need and i love eating green veggies.

Now if i ever decide to branch into the vegan lifestyle, it will be at a time when i need it to change how i feel and right now I’m not there and it will take me a lot longer to get me used to not eating any animal products. like at this moment i love eating eggs and having a chicken sandwich.


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