What is Growth????

I’m a lot more open-minded about what goes on in the soul of a person, I learnt a long time ago not everyone is going to want to share what they have going on and that’s okay going in your mind and really unravelling what’s happening is a big step to do and you have to want take your mind there.

i have also learnt that wanting to take time out from everything and everyone to unpack what’s going on in own mind is the best thing to do for your own mental health and well-being. No one else going to take care of you better than your own self. writing out how you feel about anything and doing things like yoga and cleansing your space and energy helps. when i used to feel like everything was getting too much for me to handle i used to hit the gym everyday and just sweat it out. Morning or late at night the way i used to feel better was unbelievable, like no other feeling in the world.

What is growth if it’s not learning that not everyone is your friend and that many people can come into your life and be either an enemy or friend. Not everyone is your friend and not everyone is going to be your ally in life. Energy or intuition is the most important thing you could carry with you along with trust and love. Thats the biggest tool i could ever carry with me it guides me in no other way and that always brings me back to Maya Angelou when she said “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time” that has always stuck with me like glue.

What is growth if it’s not allowing you to be who you really are. what is growth if it’s not if your able to reach your true potential, your not able to reach for the goals your suppose to and just be in your truth.

To me you cant question growth because it’s part of who you are and everyday you grow into someone who is better than before and better then yesterday and the day before.

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