Angie Laidbare…..

I have never been one to highlight my flaws and struggles online. I have never been one to look at myself as this overweight, struggling black girl because that has never been how I looked at myself. when my friend and I joined the gym in 2016 we went through our own journeys to be a new healthy version of ourselves.

I was a very active girl in my younger days playing all types of sports football, basketball, tennis and dancing even though you would never think it. Even at one point going to the gym but never taking it seriously. so I know for sure it was never me not being active as a reason I put on weight or the food I ate because I cut out red meat at when I was 13. Eating red just never sat right with me my stomach would hurt after and it would leave me with terrible skin. which by the way I have been lucky because genetics have been good to me in the skin department.

However genetics didn’t do me so well on the other side of that, I come from a family who women and men are tall but stocky, so losing weight could be tougher but totally doable. There’s no such thing as no in my family. we don’t know the meaning of that world. Being a girl who is 5ft8 means it doesn’t show but it still has its effects on the mind however my parents didn’t raise no weak minded child, they raised a strong black girl who turned into the woman of today who stands in her convictions never backing down to pressure. The only pressure I have ever known is the one put on myself to be better than yesterday and be better for tomorrow.

When I started the gym journey my mindset changed for the better it highlighted to me that my own self-care is important changing the way I think about going to the gym and food and life, in general, is important. A clear mind, A clear workout. For me going to the gym allows me to leave everything there so I can escape whatever is troubling me and to sweat it out and push it out.

My life isn’t peachy by any means but let’s all be open to the fact that nobody’s life is perfect we all struggle to get it right but there is no harm in trying every day to be better.


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