Breaking point

Seeing as it’s August I thought I would share this because I have been feeling like I’m at crossroads and I don’t know if it’s too do with all the retrogrades hitting me or just the energy I have been around but whats next once you hit the breaking point, How do you still continue when everything is almost against you.

Lord knows, the truth is once you have reached that point you have to take it one day at a time otherwise you will break. The way I see it, is doing what you can when you can. I use this method to help me when I’m blocked as well going to the gym.

Using the gym to fight any frustrations I have has been a method that has worked for me a million times over. As well as journaling.

Saying goodbye to people who bring nothing but negative energy is also a big key. In this day and age negative energy and vibes is not needed. Look after your mental health. Cut people who suck all your energy away because you’re number one priority you. I always use to shy away from certain clothes when I was younger because I didn’t want to wear dresses or shirts that show my arms but you know what with talking to my mum she showed me that I am beautiful in anything I wear.

She showed me that I’m an awesome girl who has incredible taste in music, sports and I should just be me anyone who doesn’t want to be around me are not suppose to be. It’s as a simple as

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