Say Yes

Never one to say no to something, Ms Angie go with the flow is bouncing back after the last couple of months have just been straight up hard and long. I’m going to be pushing myself to the limit when it comes to working out. pushing myself to be out there again.

while I have never been one uncomfortable in saying no, I have found myself saying it more than yes and that is just not on.  I have been feeling like I have been doing this crazy routine and not really living for me, that’s just not on.

pushing my workouts so that I can get the best out of the workouts is what I need to do. pushing myself to improve my life and anything I put on the internet and any stories I need to put on here. How much can I bench press and squat. Because oh do I love my squats and cardio workouts.

I have also been learning about the art of crystal therapy and how the energy effects everyday life. Now while I’m no pro at the healing crystals and the uses of them, I’m learning that it something that could effect life in a spiritual way.

Using these to take away the bad energies surrounding us everyday is something I have been learning about this year. To think it’s only the third month of the year and ridiculous drama has already come out.

So here is to me getting my mojo back, my ridiculous self confidence, self love and every other self that brings love and awareness.

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