Let’s Talk About Race

I have never been the one to write down all my thoughts and feelings on race and racism especially in the UK. But after seeing something that I came across on Facebook it highlights to me that the problem isn’t black or brown people but white people who don’t want to recognise that their own ancestors are the cause of this.

If they don’t want to look at the history then how can people truly heal. If you don’t want to talk about it in a grown matter then how can you grow.

But maybe I should, I have always kept this blog about the music and films. Never covering race and racism. I have seen comments from many people about how black women should keep their hair. How black you people should feel? And you know what I’m going to keep it 100% real. Why should black or brown people have to feel lesser because white people are bored of the topic.

Excuse me why should I have to watch yet another slave film or historical film because film bosses are not sure how black people will react.

If I was to watch Eastenders or Hollyoaks right now how many black families would be on. Simple answer 1 or none at all. Why because of representation. And I will tell anyone especially people who don’t want to know representation is important for young men and women. It’s vital for the young boys and girls to see that there is people like them around.

For those who want to say it’s boring and they are tired of talking about racism and race yeah it’s boring but why bring it up when it never happens to you so I suggest you shut up and know your role because at the end of the day you don’t know how it feels to be a victim of racism.

Coming home from a nice night out and being faced with racial abuse. Being put down at schools and being told you will never amount to anything especially when you work twice as hard. Being laughed at because of your hair or because you look a certain way. These things are real and hurtful. Going for a job and because of your last name never getting the dream job when you have twice the amount of experience because trust me it’s there. Being talked over when asked for an opinion. Or sent home because the hair isn’t “professional enough”

It’s easy to say the issue is boring when you never been a victim of anything of the sort. It’s easy talk about representation when you don’t see it all the time. And it also shows that if your think it’s boring then maybe look at the biases you have because it seems to me you have an issue. In a world that we live in today maybe instead of saying the issue is boring maybe you should question why you think this is to you.

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