There was a time where I honestly didn’t think the world would change in such a drastic way. Change is an important part of life and growing up as a person. I always go back to 2Pac when I feel like the world is becoming to much.

His music speaks to me in such an important way, there are such trying times in the world today. I didn’t want to to speak on. I wanted to see if it could get better. Believing and having faith everything will get better.

Now I haven’t put anything on the blog for sometime because I simply I didn’t know what to put on here. Yes this is my space to vent but me venting without doing anything to change what I’m angry about is ridiculous. I’m better than. I’m stronger then that. I want to do my part to change the world for the better. I don’t want to be insecure in what I’m doing.

I said that 2Pac is my favourite artist of all times, his goals and hustle is what I wanted to achieve in this world. But I also wanted to make a space for any person to achieve anything they wanted without changing their principles and morals. We got to start making changes for our brothers and sisters.

Without a doubt, I’m the worst at planning anything. Go with the flow has always been my motto and I think in someways it has hurt me in soo many ways, but it has also made me the most spontaneous person I can be. I’m not afraid of changing because changing is part of life. I’m not afraid of life. There is no reason to be afraid of fear, fear makes us stronger.

I think lyrics matter in such an important way and whenever someone asks me what I’m constantly listening to it’s this song.

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