What is music to me? Music is the part of me that cant change no matter any of the bullshit happening to me. music is the part that i can just go into a big space and think about what I’m doing with my life or hide what I’m thinking about. 

It’s the part where i can look into my soul and think damn is this what my life is about. I know what it means to me thats why i could never disrespect what it has done for me. I know many people that wouldn’t feel the same way as me. like we all have passions and subjects that we care about. But when i look into myself and really think about what I’m about. It’s there in black and white for anybody who is willing to see and ask what I’m about. Who are you when you turn of the music? When the drums and pianos stop playing. 

Im not the kind of gal to hide in the bushes but i could be. I’m not the type to beat around the bushes but i could be. we all have those moments where music can either push out of our shells or push us back in. Depending on how you look at it.

what do i say to something that has been my first love since the beginning of time. How do i put into words how much it has gotten me through some rough times. like i know i can talk a lot of shit about health and life and what its got planned for me but i know like everything in life not everything can be planned. Like me working on my health that’s between me and earth. I only share when i feel i need to do. Like I’m only sharing because i want people to know i haven’t neglected my first love and i haven’t stopped caring about it.

For the people who know me and what I’m about, Music, health and life. I never have to 

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