Truth Be Told…..

Somebody told me that this is my year, the year of doing, the year of yes and taking chances and just listening and being a better person in general. I’m opening myself to music and life. Being a better Angie, that also means cutting people out of my life and seeing who is better for me. I don’t want a energy that is negative around me and i say this all the time negative energy can transfer and Im not that person who is negative.  That’s not what I’m about I’m all about having positive energy even when I’m feeling like complete shit. i need positive energy and vibes thats the kind of person i have been taught to be.

Yeah i completely understand how we all can feel like shit and thats part of being a human being no person is void of being cold and unfeeling about how they feeling, we all have days where people can treat us like shit, friends can let us down and then again friends can celebrate with you, tell you what you need for your life and push you to be better like family.

We have those ones who will stick with you no matter what. I think my post about the month of  May is to pin point that like Oprah and Maya Angelou said people show who they really are when the chips are down and then the ones who you don’t think they will be there show up.

Im no expect on the whole relationship thing but my heart is open and pure and willing to show that being the no expert thing doesn’t mean shit and that doesn’t mean a thing because there are so many different kinds of relationships and the ones that means the most will stick with you for years to come.

I’m not the kind of person to let things go unless i know i have to for my own wellbeing and sanity. i have come a long way since that young, unsure girl was walking through the world with no clue about how people treat people and just how bad human beings can be.

I called this Truth be told because, this is the most honest post i have about where I’m at the moment, i know i should be better at updating this and putting what I’m up to but honesty. I haven’t been feeling that inspired lately. yes i have been travelling and listening to more hiphop then ever before but at the same time i haven’t felt the need to open myself up just yet again.


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