A Beautiful Space….

So at the start of the year I did say I had promised myself a lot of stuff and highlighted what I wanted to do this year. I feel like this year is important to me, important for me to grow and to grow as a beautiful black woman. I have never used this as a platform to preach. I have used this as a place to put down my thoughts and feelings about hiphop and what I think about it. 

As I was saying before I made a promise to travel more and this is what I did. Me and some friends decideded to go Portugal for 10 days and use this as downtime and recharge. Now that this trip draws to a close. It’s time to put some focus back into what I want in life. 

It’s easy to say I want to be a blogger and make money out of what I love which is music and art and travel. That takes hard work and sacrifice something I know I haven’t been putting my all into that. I know when I’m determined to do something I will do that no matter what. So what I need to is just focus on what I want like the gym and writing and just enjoying life. 

I don’t want to be stuck, I hate being stuck it makes me cringe how people can be stuck for so long but I don’t know it’s just not me.

Sitting outside looking at the sky at 7am and just taking in how beautiful the sky is and making promises to myself that I cannot break because I refuse to allow that to happen. 

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