A New Me….

So I have been on a fitness journey since last year and making changes to what I let be around me. Obviously I take inspiration from the people around me. Men and women who surround me, who inspire me to be the the best I can be. If I take into account I have been doing these changes since last year September I have to remind myself to give myself a break because I’m still learning about this new journey I’m on. Everyone is making the changes not just my friends but my family as well. Being the best you can be.

I have really given this some real thought and decided it was enough, it was time to get myself in check. i have always been a tomboy from a very young age. Football, tennis, basketball and swimming was my sports of choice and somewhere along the way i stopped playing and chose to embrace the other things in life. But no more. time to grab the bull by the horns and take action. look for a new job, get my workout back into tiptop shape etc.

Now I would never take a picture of me in the gym so the weights is the next best thing. Bwahhaa. Just kidding maybe one day I will post a picture of me in the gym. Just for the banter. 

Some things about me I stopped eating red meat 10 years ago and my diet consists of fish and chicken and fruit and vegatables. I love the way I have slowly been seeing the changes in me. 

When others stop I will not,  I will just do me like I always do. I’m not afraid of doing the hard work. That has never phased me. There is a lot that doesn’t trust me on that. Life has a way of showing you who is boss and in the bible it says ‘God has the power to show you who’s God’ . When I think of this quote I think that is the most truthful thing ever and that applies to us in so many ways. It’s amazing how much the body can take. 

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