Music Madness

How much music goes into what we decide is the best course of action? . Everyday we listen to different kinds of music to determine what we do. When we go to work, when we go to the gym or just when are with our friends. Everyday we listen to something and it can reminds us something long ago we have forgotten or something we want to forget. Music inspires us to go out and do our best.

I go out and try different things, some may say i listen to way too much hiphop and Rap on the surface however if you truly took a look at a person you will find that they listen to a mixture of different things. To me i can base some of the decisions i make on what I’m listening to at the time. it’s funny how music can make you do the craziest things ever and just inspire us to hit our fullest potential.

The other day i went to concert and it wasn’t hiphop or anything but an RnB show and after a friend of mine said they couldn’t picture me listening to that type of genre, so obviously i had to explain that i listen to everything and that I’m versatile when it comes to music. sometimes i would listen to Nina Simone and just be inspired by what she is singing and it makes me feel so determined to go out and conquer the world.

I asked the same question to some of my friends and some said ‘I usually decide before how I’m feeling or what I’m aiming for is what makes the choose the kind of music I want to listen to at that moment’. Which is probably the same answer I got from some of my of friends. Across the board its that is they listen to a wide range of different genres of music. Grime, Garage, Hiphop, Pop, blues and so forth so its different and if it sounds good then they will listen to what other they feel like. As long as it fits the mood they are in.


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