The Art of Diss Tracks 

So on Saturday we was gifted with diss track that was needed in hiphop for sure, Remy Ma went and destroyed Nicki. I have never really been fan of young Nicki her career is not one I’m here for. I’m all about rap music and hiphop. I’m for the culture. I have always felt that Nicki has not appreciated the veterans of the game. Kim, Remy, Lady of Rage, Mc Lyte to name a few. The list is endless

When Kendrick Released Control everybody was on high alert, J Cole, joey, Big Sean and they all went in for the culture and love of hiphop. Erykah Badu once tweeted to Drake “you gotta respond this is hip hop respect the culture.”Nicki can’t throw jabs at Iggy about not being a real hip hop artist then go to record sales when Remy killed her. She wants to have both ways but it doesn’t work like that in hiphop. We are that age where we are watching social media is on fire with that shit

JayZ has always outsold and had more money than Nas but people didn’t care about that. Ask people what they cared about that Ether was better than anything Jay released. People thought that  Nas was dead after Takeova and then he killed that whole record label when he drop Ether

I remember when people thought Ludacris was weak till he crushed TIP on stomp. T.I. cried to interscope to take his verse off the song . Battling can bring the best or worse out of you. People never saw that side of Busta Rhymes until he went at Ja on Hail Mary 2003. Now Busta was always one that I thought people would see shine and he did

Competition is healthy in hip hop and it’s apart of it. It’s almost needed. We like to see if these rappers can spit bars and go in the completion. It’s the art of the game.

That’s normal. In hip hop everyone wants the crown. Remember how many people claim to be The King of New York after Biggie died. Fat Joe to Jay to Nas to Kiss to 50 Cent.

what I love is that that a WOMAN HAS RELEASED THE BEST DISS HIP HOP HAS SEEN IN A LONG TIME. We haven’t had a diss that hits hard like we used to.

What It’s proves to me is that Nicki isn’t the only one that needs to step up after hearing this track. People need to show what they can do. Not just be silent.

When Nicki and Kim had there little beef I wasn’t impressed about is the fact Nicki had no originality and she still doesn’t. Kim had the colourful wigs, the lollipops the whole Queen Bee and Barbie character. Just be you that’s all I ask. Everyone in hiphop has their own character and built. Tupac had the thug life and the outlawz and biggie had his own as well.

When Pac dissed Big, lil kim  and the rest of junior mafia Kim wasn’t crying saying I can’t believe he said that about me she went back at Pac with
“Any type of threatens to pull shit
Unh, ooh yeah who shot ya, huh
 Who knows but they gotcha
Unh, fed up, uhh wet up uhh
 Maybe next time keep your head up” kim always held on her own which is why I always loved what she was about in the hiphop game

Both Big and Pac dissed Nas but he understood it was good for rap. He even address on We will Survive

Nas to Big

It used to be fun, makin records to see your response
 But, now competition is none, now that you’re gone
And these niggaz is wrong – usin your name in vain
And they claim to be New York’s king? It ain’t about that

Nas to Pac

Can’t believe I heard my name on “the realest shit you ever wrote”
We had words cause the best supposed to clash at the top
but kept it brotherly, when we seen each other and stopped
in NYC, at MTV, people watched

This is what hip hop is about anyone who feels that Nicki can only respond by bragging about record sales doesn’t get that

This reminds me of Lil Kim vs Foxy Brown beef. They were originally were suppose to do the Thelma and Louise track. Source magazine even had the two of them on the cover.

Kim kept subliminally dissing Foxy in her songs. Then Foxy said she was hurt when she saw Jay hugged up with Kim in the I just wanna love u video. Saying “That’s like if I would been hugged up next to Pac when Pac was dissing Jay.”

Fox said enough was enough and dropped her verse on C-N-N’s Bang Bang and KILLED Lil Kim

[Foxy Brown]
Hot damn ho, here we go again
Pop shit like a cock, +Lyte+ weight as your +Rocks+, bitch
You talk slick, fuck is all that sneak shit?
You and Diddy, y’all kill me with that subliminal shit, bitch
Why’s you frontin and kickin that street shit?
Please, impress me, go back to that freak shit
 While your broke-ass was guzzlin’ nuts and shit
I was choppin the weights, leak and O.Z.s and shit
 A decoy bitch, like the Feds lie in you
Ain’t you supposed to have a little bitta Bed-Stuy in you?
 Brooklyn don’t raise hoes, just slip, and graze hoes
 What bitch? You’re soft and your pussy name hoes
 So fuck ya niggas too, them niggas can get it too
. Them faggots act more bitch than you
 Let the nigga rest in peace, and hop off his dick, bitch do you
And ya’ll hoes is like “Fuck Fox,” well screw ya’ll too 
Let’s be truthful, give a fuck if your album pushed back
Or when it hit the streets, bitch, you’re still weak
 You still sound lame and my name still reign
I still pop them thing things, and bang bang, bitch, rep for ya hood:

I remember after that verse Kim was on every station saying Fox can’t sell as many records as her. She was sneak dissing Fox for the longest but couldn’t come back at her after that. She couldn’t see Foxy on the Mic. See after Foxy Brown destroyed Kim. Kim was on every radio station trying to save face. Saying Foxy isn’t on her level or hasn’t had a platinum album since Ill Na Na. Nobody cared about that people were like where the fuck is your response. Kim knew she didn’t have anything for Foxy which is why she took where she took it.

Nicki fucked up by going on social media today and trying to go at Remy by bringing up sales. See what she should have done was just tweeted out “Okay…Okay…” everyone would have been like “awwwww shit it’s on now.” Then again that is only if Nicki was going to keep it hip hop and respond on wax.

Jay released countless disses at Nas after Nas dropped Ether but no one cared. Nas was crowned the winner by the people. Jay even admitted that this hurt him.

Now Nicki can act like she don’t care but she does. She sees all the memes, all the comments and all the jokes. She is going to have to respond or be placed in the same category as Iggy.
This is hip hop as Ms. Badu told Drake when he used record sales as a reason not to respond to Kendrick after he dropped Control 

Competition is part of the game. If you claim to be best then you can’t be scared to compete. Nas went at with Big, Pac and Jay. Like he said the Best are supposed to clash at the top.

Hell you wanted to see Batman throw down against Superman. Competition is healthy and brings the best out of you because you have been challenged. The question is can Nicki handle this challenge?

Honestly Remy played this masterfully.

First let’s look at the beat she chose. She could have chose any beat or made a whole new beat. She could have used any of Nicki’s old song which is common when battling.

Remy chose Ether. There are only three diss tracks that she could have picked, Ether, Hit’em Up and No Vaseline. So as soon as we hear the beat everyone is going damn we know she is aiming to destroy.

Now usually when people go this route the other rapper would use a song to respond in kind. 50 used a 2pac beat to diss Ja then Ja answers back by using Big’s Who Shot Ya beat.

Thing is Nicki can’t do that because Ether killed Takeova and no one cared about Super Ugly or any other diss track Jay released.

Nicki is going to have to use Terror Squad’s Lean Back beat.

Second Remy also brought up the fact that she is on VH1 and been to jail in the song basically taking what Nicki could use as a diss and flipped and said you just got killed by reality tv star.

Third She can’t use sales cause Remy broke down her deal in the song as well.

Nicki is in a corner and she might try to use Remy’s miscarriage against her and she should absolute stay away from that. The people around her have shown her a way that’s not hiphop or about the culture

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