It’s A New Year…..

So as the new year has come, I didn’t want to write anything about it being a new year but I think it’s time to talk about it. The last year was fun and easy, I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the music that came from it. I managed to enjoy new and old music and with that I changed as a person.

Hip Hop has changed in a drastically big way, we have seen the rise of this new breed of ‘Musicans’ who claim they make Hip Hop and we have seen a new breed who have taken it to a new level. And that’s not me throwing shade. I’m objective enough to know what’s good and what people are listening to now. In order for me to grow as a person I’m able to have an open ear about music and life in general.

I promised myself that I will make this year a better one then last year. So I will be make myself happy, travel more, be healthier and eat better and just say yes more and just make life easier for myself and just enjoy life more.

I will always be an open person in life and in music and the fact I’m not a person who takes no for answer so this year will be great. And the shape of music is getting better and I welcome that. I look forward to the change that I’m going through and all the changes that will make my life better.

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