A New Way Of Life 

So back in September me and my girl Shanika started to have a new outlook for life. Get fit and healthy and while the change was hard and gruelling the change has been for the better. More water consumed. More fruit and vegatables eaten and while it’s hard to adjust to change it does become easier. You start to notice things within yourself. You become more committed to change, stamina improves and life improves as well. Simply because if you put in that work you know that what comes next is a wonderful change within yourself.

Now while I’m only a couple of weeks into this it’s has opened me to more music then ever before reintroduced me into DMX and JADAKISS. Hip hop is constantly changing as I am and I welcome that change. As I shift into a more hardocore sound I’m looking for more workouts to get the blood pumping. Now it’s time to listen to JADAKISS-Kiss Of Death.

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