Being Honest 

I guess It’s always easy to hide behind something to get your mind off whatever is disturbing it. Maybe feelings for someone or just life is making you really question who you are. But of course life is no bed of roses, you can’t just put on some 2Pac or Biggie and wish life was easy. 

If I was to truly open my heart and mind and really show what I’m feeling that would leave me vulnerable to all that hurt that happens to a human being but isn’t that what makes us human in one way being open about what you feel is the most eye opening thing you can do but then again it can also lead you to so much heartbreak and misery.

I guess it’s easy to hide then be honest, falling for someone after being hurt has its upsides and downsides. I want to learn to be more open with whoever I choose.

Ahh to have all these emotions and feelings what a time to be alive and open to all possibilities. Here is to being more open and honest about all that stuff. 

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