RIP The Five Foot Assasian 

So i had taken a break to gather my thoughts on Rap legend and icon Phife Dawg passing away. This whole blog is in part due to me loving A Tribe Called Quest. The whole Quest of Angie is in part of me going through life. Me putting my love of music on this blog and my thought process on how it inspires me day by day, i know i don’t do it as much as i should because lets say I’m vulnerable about what i like to share on the internet and i know i should but with every song and album on this sight it highlights what I’m going through. The Quest of Angie is not gone and she is more than happy to share what is going on her head.

When Phife died let me tell you i was shocked and any person who knows me, knows that i was more hurt and upset because not long ago i had seen A Tribe Called Quest perform in London and the last time they had performed in London it was 20 years ago. 

So this his my tribute to the Five Foot Assasian. Go and sleep well my friend you taught me a lot about how rap and hip hop can be different. 



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