Oscars So White 

Believe me when I found out that the majority of the oscars was just going to be white again. I saw on Twitter OscarsSoWhite trending yet again. I asked myself how could that be when so many fantastic films was done in 2015 that could have been nominated. Straight Out Compton, Creed, Concussion, Beast of No Nation. All these fantastic films where left out yet again and I have to wonder does the boycott mean change is going to come. 

When Jada Pinkett smith released that video saying she would not be attending, I initially fought its because Will wasn’t nominated and there is more to it then being snubbed at the Oscars. Then Spike Lee joined in and it gained a lot of traction.

It’s not about the academy being white, it’s also about the fact women are not part of this and there’s a whole spectrum of people who are creative will never be recognised unless they play a certain part of the stereotype



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