The Jcole and Kendrick album. 

This could be the album cover of the album between the young kings of Hiphop. 

Fans of Jcole and kendrick have been asking for a collaboration for the last couple of years and this picture could be the answer that many fans have been waiting for. 

Kendrick’s sister posted up a link to his remixed version of Jcole song last in December and with that this message. 

“Go check out my brother @kendricklamar song “Black Friday” gift to you guys its definitely some fire as usual! But go listen to it you won’t regret it! Collab drops #Feb16 so be on the look out as well, and I also did a very small part in it at the end, you have to start somewhere right. #kendricklamar #JCole #Blackfriday”

Hopefully the album will come.


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