Billboard’s Top 10

After taking a hiatus from writing and all things creative. I bounce back with the question all hip hop heads ask who is in the top 10 of all time. Now we all have opinions on who is the best and who takes the spot. But the question doesn’t lie on who is the best but really on who makes you feel the best in that time. Also it’s all a personal answer and i was shocked when Billboard decided on the list.  

 Now Question number 1 

Does Lauryn Hill have enough material to be on this list. Now I’m not hating on her in fact I love Lauryn but I have to ask the last time I remember her she more of a singer then rapper. 

Question number 2 

How is Lil Wayne on this list?? I’m not dismissing his catalogue of material but he doesn’t have that album which sparks being a GOAT 

Andre 3000 

As much as I love Andre he also doesn’t have that album that says he is the best of all time. 

Now the guys who came up with this list missed out on people who opened the doors and smashed open the windows with rap. Like they missed out on BIG L, Ice Cube, Big Pun and Tupac. 

Now when this list came out I looked at and laughed because it’s all on opinion of some random writer on who is the best and who isn’t. But reading the reactions to the list makes me happy that people still care about the old school guys being on the list.

Read the Game’s reaction which I agree with. Accept for Rakim I would personally put Big Pun. But it’s all about choice and opinion. 
There will always be a list of who is in the Top 10 of all times. Tupac or biggie will always be number 1 on most of the lists out there and Nas will always come in 2nd but it’s all about who you like after all. 


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