Run The Jewels Running Rampant in London

Run The Jewels played their second show in London in front of the rowdy crowd at The Forum on Sunday. Just after doing a show at Field Day on saturday, the hip-hop duo killer Mike and El-P played one of the best shows at the kentish town venue. The gig was sold out which shows how much fans of the duo have grown in numbers.

El-P said to the crowd that There was a decibel limit at Field day which i knew that was expected especially when playing in a park so close to homes. However that didn’t stop the duo doing from doing exceeding the limit at the kentish Town venue.

which set the tone for the gig,  El-P on stage presence set the tone of the show and in with that it also set the tone for the audience and made them bounce around and go crazy and killer Mike was also great as well matching his best friend and bouncing around on stage even with his arm in a sling after an on stage attack in march.

The pair feed of the energy of the crowd which doesn’t stop and opened with Run The Jewels. which sparks the crowd and the duo into playing the set with great swagger and with great bass. Throughout the night there isn’t many breaks in between the songs but once there is we start shouting RTJ which everyone next to me and in front of me start doing as well. and doing the duo pistol and fist hand gesture which shows Killer Mike and El-P that we are still with them.


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