Wu-Tang Clan Live in London

So the Wu-Tang Clan decided to grace us with a tour. Now me for one was thrilled with the prospects of going to a Wu-Tang Concert. They brought along Dope D.O.D who opened for them and they brought some real hardcore shit to the set and atmosphere which sort of reminded me of Onyx. They got the crowd pumped and full of energy. I for one will be following the Dope boys for now on. Dope D.O.D come from the Netherlands which i think is fantastic. The Netherlands is a great place.  The fact that HipHop can go so far and unite a group to make such hardcore music is amazing.

Now lets talk Wu-Tang. the amazing group who consist Raekwon, Capadonna, GZA, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa and Ghostface Killah and Method Man and the late ODB. They brought the fire and inspired the whole audience to go wild and shout bounce heads and all round enjoy hits from the last 20 years.

With hits like Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ and Wu-Tang Aint Nuthing Ta Fuck and C.R.E.A.M and the famous hit Gravel Pit  with they rhymed together and swapped lines like brothers and where able to give hits for the ladies and gents and do hits from the the debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 chambers).

Also giving the fallen solider and crazy man ODB a great tribute, with shimmy Shimmy Ya and Got Ya Money that ripped through Brixton. This was one concert I will not forget in a hurry, with the last hit being Gravel Pit and GZA last acapella about the Big Bang which was awesome. With the group they got many standing ovations and that was why the crowd went crazy. Everywhere I turned everyone was going crazy and it wasn’t the weed for sure.

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