ODD Future’s Odd Ball Earl Sweatshirt

Coming the stage and touring with Earl is Ratking and the trio who are Sporting Life, Wiki and Hak. who I can say are one group that i will be following the group from now on. They have this energy that makes the audience spring to life. They perfumed a crazy set, which was Hyped up and crazy amazing. Those guys are taking the world by storm. I look forward to what they do next. They even done Skepta Shutdown, with their own spin which I thought was great.

Earl even invited Wiki to come on stage and they performed together which i thought was great.

Earl Sweatshirt, came to Shepard’s Bush and graced us with his hits from the new album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Which I have previously said is one album which has really solidified what this young man is about.

Now the performance was good, he tried to get the audience to be pumped but something about this one was amiss. backed by his hypeman Nakel and his DJ he made a good on his new album. spitting bars with dense and witty rhymes but same insecurity he has about girls and drugs.

He even brought to the stage, Little Simz. Now for British i felt proud this young, black women is doing her thing which was amazing she livened the stage with hits now we can’t say that she aint going to far because it seems she is.

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