Killer Mike Speaks

UnknownKiller Mike of Run The Jewels, will be joining MIT for a lecture on US race relations. In the latest of their Hip-Hop speaker series. The lecture will be on Friday 24th April. The lecture has been proven to be great platform for many who are in the Hiphop genre like Young Guru and Lil B who have previously discussed using design and innovation as way to have some humanity for other people and having the use of God in young minorities lives when they reach University levels of education so that they can’t loose faith in a busy environment. Killer Mike will be focussing on race relations and how technology feeds into the relations especially with all the Killings that have happened in the past year like Michael Brown and Eric Garner. We all saw how technology played part in the way we saw policing in America. we have all seen Killer Mike speak before and no doubt will he speaking from the heart and will have many points about how race relations in America is at an all time low



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