Jay Electronica in London

Jay Electronica has been in the music business since 2004. He has ties to Nas, JDilla and Erykah Badu. and for that he gets a massive salute by the team in angiesquest because of all the talents he has to worked with. He is so underrated as an hip-hop and music artist that sometimes we really can’t see how much of a talent he is . But his year is coming with that great song Road to Perdition with JayZ being released there are big things coming for Jay Electronica.

What a night it was Saturday 14th March 2015, The day i truly felt the love that everyone has for Jay Electronica. There are no words to describe how great the concert it was, great atmosphere, great venue in Camden at KOKO London. Guys and girls rapping lyrics like nobodies business. it was an awesome night. With great company.

Now when he came on to stage it was straight hip-hop and rap, no gimmicks. spitting acapella at times during the some of his set. going back to JDilla and Jay-Z and Roc Nation. its truly amazing to see how much he loves hip-hop and rap. and how much he does for the music genre. During the concert he done many hits and even the new one with JayZ

When i say there is only a few artist, who love their fans he is one of them. He came into the crowd more then three times. even i got a touch of him. i have to say it is amazing to give fans the one to one touch there isn’t many who would do that who will go round spitting bars and shaking hands at the same time. Making the audience feel like they are part of the set.

Jay Electronica allowed about 15-20 people on to the stage like it was nothing. it was truly a kodak moment when he done that. it was pure fire and adrenaline when it came to him bring all these people on to the stage. most likely his security weren’t happy but he was just like fuck it.  He also had a big message to the Daily Mirror which was “FUCK DAILY MIRROR”. Bold Message for the newspaper.

He also brought on to the stage The Bullitts which took me by surprise. It was a night of great hip-hop and true hip-hop. if some one would ask me on how to describe this artist, i would say raw, energetic and full of adrenaline because that is what he is and like the words hip-hop is the same.



One thought on “Jay Electronica in London

  1. After seeing James Samuel of the Bullitts on stage with Jay Electronica I wonder why aren’t we hearing more about this group? I have become a fan and will be following them to the ends of the earth. Please please let us have more of the Bullitts!!!

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