Diversity in Hollywood

So i have been reading a lot about the whole situation with actors and actresses of colour who don’t campaign for any of there wins. So in the percentage of ethnic people who do act, there is maybe 4/5 categories in what they can act like. There is the slave, The angry abusive mother, or the old man or an autobiographic persona.. So me looking at Mo’nique who is my idol, its astonishing how someone who who won an oscar for such a great portrayal of an abusive mother in the film precious. Has now said that because she didn’t campaign for her win she has been blackballed in Hollywood. Not surprising when your a comedian/ actress who is black and a women.


So what makes her different to Leonardo Dicaprio, who is an excellent actor who has been nominated 5 times and loss. its said when he has never had to campaign for those awards but now she has to campaign. first thing first why should good acting need a campaign to be awarded a trophy. it makes no sense to campaign for a something like that. Actors and actresses should want to make award worthy films but they shouldn’t have to beg for an award. However if the academy who hardly ever give black people awards want then thats different. I also believe that if the academy want someone to win an award they should treat everyone with respect.

So point being as Lee Daniels who directed Precious has said  2015 marks 10 years since the Oscars held a record-setting five out of 20 nominations for black actors. That was the year Jamie Foxx took home the Best Actor award for his performance in “Ray,” and Morgan Freeman won Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Million Dollar Baby.”

Since the first Academy Awards were held in 1929, just 7 percent of winners in the Best Actor category have been black men. Halle Berry’s 2002 win for her performance in “Monster’s Ball” made her the first black woman to win the Best Actress award. There has not yet been a second.

The same night that Berry won for Best Actress, Denzel Washington received the Best Actor award for his role in “Training Day.” Up until then, the only other black actor to have won the top award was Sidney Poitier, for the 1963 film. Poitier received a special award at the 2002 Oscars in recognition of his remarkable career.


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