Nipsey Hussle

The man who made his project Crenshaw $100 came to London on Sunday 2nd February, I have to say this was very different to what I have experienced going to concerts and music exhibitions. Of course we enjoyed and drank like we have to! Special thanks to my homie Chris for the tickets. when we got there after an hour we waited as usual for the performer to come out, it didn’t take long for him to come and perform his wide range of different hits.

Now the man who is independent in every sense of the word is making moves in the music game. Having fans from Rick Ross, Game and Jay Z who is said to have brought 100 copies of Crenshaw is amazing to me how much one person can be different and smart with the way he has marketed his sale of albums.

His promotional game and quality of the mix tapes is something that all music fanatics like myself should appreciate. and his talent as well which is going to take him far. I know this guy who performed has something special about him and its only the start for him. Now the concert had three types of people. Girls who don’t know the lyrics to his music and guys who smoke who deep fans of the man and actual music fans who love music. I know which category i fall into…










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