FKA twigs

Now this girl is the one to watch she released her first EP on Band Camp in December 2012 and every since then she has been putting out videos to support her music which is what every artist should be doing, she was profiled on the guardian as one those artist that we should wait and see because she is going to become popular. Because she was described as the ‘UK’s best example of twisted R&B”

She was featured on Billboards 14 artist to watch in 2014 and that’s no lie because I went and saw her perform at the Hackney Empire and she is great on stage has a great stage presence and her fashion sense is unbelievable.


The summer she brought out her debut album and my God it’s such an amazing album. We really shouldn’t be sleeping on what she brings out because I think she just done a video for one her songs and its amazing what you can do creatively if you have a great team.


I know she is known to some as the girl who is going out with Robert Patterson and the girl who also challenge some young girls on cyber bullying because of what she received on social media site Twitter but if people really got to know her as an artist then I think everyone will enjoy what she brings out and that would increase her popularity.

She announced this week that she is going to perform at the forum in February which is a 2 concert which I think will be her best concert yet because of location and because of fans can grow between now and February

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