Run The Jewels 2

Run The Jewels are back, last year Micheal “Killer Mike” Render and Brooklyn based rapper Jamie “El-P” Meline joined forces to make the duo Run The Jewels. their really focus being eliminating crappy rap and hip-hop. by grabbing the microphone they let their completion know they are here to stay with aggression and metaphors, letting us know that the state of hip-hop is at bad and they are here to fix it.  Both albums are free on the internet but support them if you can.

At the end of the year Run The Jewels topped many end of the year list at the end of 2013, which is no surprised because of how talented they are. they made hip-hop fun to listen to again.

With an  audience for Run The jewels 2, Killer Mike and El-P done this project with unfair expectations that is to make a even better project then last year, with the support of Mass Appeal Records a label run by one of my favourite lyricist Nas, but I think this one is even better then first but I’m biased I love aggression in hip-hop, i think its needs the hardcore shit to make it possible. Everything is about the same with the logo and on its album art. which i think is needed to build a brand so that people can buy into it.

Run The Jewels 2, to me is a thank you to the loyal fans who supported the duo from the get go, which i think is amazing to gift us with great music.
Ones to listen to is Jeopardy, Close Your Eyes, Lie Cheat Steal.
Run the jewels


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