Hell Can Wait….

Vince Staples who is signed to Def Jam is really finding what works for him in the music industry. By laying the down the lyrics his putting what he his good at down and telling the world how it was like growing up in the west coast , like 65 Hunnid which tells the story of gangbanging “you alone, car full of niggas but you alone/ it’s time to show how much you love your home.” Which is something quite unnerving in way his ability to tells stories is enlightening and scary at the same time because it highlights how mature his songwriting is and how he sees the world.
Let me say this is wasn’t something I wasn’t expecting from him, like coming from his verse with Common who is one my favorite artist of all times this EP was different then his other ones. I have to say I enjoyed Fire, Hands Up and Blue Suede and Limos which has Teyana Taylor who is also making waves in the music industry
Hands Up for me tells the story of how police are killing the unarmed black men in America.  “I guess the pigs spilt wigs for the greater good/ ‘Cause I ain’t seen them lock a swine up yet/ At the most they reassign ‘em to prevent protest” this song can be the related to the shooting of Michael Brown and the protest that followed,

Something also stood out for me except for is the lack of features on it, which I think stands out when most artist today use a lot of features to push there eps and mix tapes. His production for the EP took back me to the days of The Neptune’s which is something I loved and his lyrical content was of the chain I enjoyed it some of it could have been better in the last track Feelin The Love for someone reason I couldn’t put my finger on it but I didn’t like the song 
1. Fire 
2. 65 Hunnid 
3. Screen Door 
4. Hands Up 
5. Blue Suede 
6. Limos (ft Teyana Taylor) 
7. Feelin The Love
Peace out!!!

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