Lord Fredrick Tour Yo

So me being me, I’m able to get tickets to any type of concert so later on in the evening i will be going to his concert in Old Street to watch him. For me he is underrated in my opinion. This guy can do it better then most out there

Freddie Gibbs, the man is able to transform great beats into great tracks and he has been in the game for so long he deserves many props for being able to be himself and still do it and not change to put out the hits he wants.

Freddie Gibbs brings us his Lord Fredrick Tour and yesterday he was at O2 in Glasgow and today he is in London at the club XOYO in Old Street.
Hit after hit the man brought it such a great concert me and my girl really enjoyed, beats was of the chain. XOYO was the perfect venue to showcase Freddie talents now we await him coming back to London to perform again.

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