Wireless Festival

Being the music buff that i’am we all know if you check the Instagram profile all your gonna see is music related pictures and selfies and more music related pics, and that my friends is because I’m truly in love with music and hopefully it loves me to. but at the start of july its all about going Wireless Festival and that i have been going to for the last 4/5 years its been awhile so don’t judge if numbers are wrong. but i have seen every artist i love live A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, The Weekend, Drake, JayZ and Kanye West, Childish Gambino etc and this year is no different. i went on the first day which was amazing.. My friend not being as obsessed with music as i’am let me enjoy which is something i love about her.
The line of friday was questionable but i thought why not, if i had known i would have brought tickets of the saturday as well so that i could fully enjoy but wireless is something is i will continue to go to no matter what.

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