To Be Young, Gifted and Black

We live in a world that young girls hate the colour of skin that they have. young blacks are hated by there peers and they are always questioning the paths they have picked for themselves which i think is something that we all do no matter what ethnicity we are. It happens to be that it happens to be more ethnic people who go through. In a society that more fathers are not around for there sons we really have to do more so that the young men can do something for themselves.

For AngiesQuest, i never really write about the politics of what goes on in society but about music and fashion. however i have been witness to such issues that are all around me. I have young brothers who are at a age where they could be around gang culture that many young males go through.

Even in the past days that have passed the internet has been beyond cruel to Beyonce young child for hair. do people not realise how they sound when they start attacking an innocent child because of hair, like they have no morals and no control over what they put out into the internet. For some people they don’t know what they put down can have huge repercussions for some people.

black people are their own worst enemies because they simply don’t care about other people but that has to change in order for us to be united as a society.

Ruby Dee & Maya Angelou marched up down for that change so we should continue to fight for change and show as women and men of colour that we as a society are more than our colour of skin.

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