My Birthday

So a couple days ago I turned 22 and for me I’m not one to celebrate my birthday. I  think i have to be the weirdest child around. I hate the attention that comes with celebrating the birthday but i think thats just me, so me and my mum have our birthdays in the same week which is something i think is great, i get mum a very expensive bottle of wine and she gives me money we have a really great tag team that works for birthdays.

Every year i make three wishes and this year I made sure that I reconnected with old friends, treated myself more and to not over analyse situations. basically what will be, will be.

The snapshot of me getting ready for the day of drinking

As I celebrate my birthday its always with my bestie Shans because she simply knows me so well and   she knows my flaws and insecurities about life and she still sticks with me she is basically my sister because of the fact that we have known each other for so long.

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