Women and Hip-Hop

I have always been one to support the young women in the game of hip-hop for a long a time. I have always been the type to love what the women put out in the game, being a kid of the 90s i have always listened to Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Lil Kim, Lady Of Rage  TLC and other great artist also growing up in a household which appreciates music my mother and father have always taught me to enjoy the music and really listen to the lyrics being said.

Missy Elliott for me has got to be one of the best women in the game when you listen to her you can laugh and rap along to what she is saying and Da Brat has to be like the female LLCOOLJ. when rapping she is so quick you can’t help but wonder what is she really saying.
None of these women have ever changed their principles to fit the music industries idea of what is a successful artist, they have all gone through a lot in their lives with Missy being out of action for health issues and Da Brat legal issues, but i don’t think that has stopped them from collaborating and writing for other artist. 

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