LIfe And Times Of J.Dilla

As a young girl i never really understood the work of J.Dilla till, I had to not because i didn’t want to but because i didn’t really know of him and I’m sure thats what it is like for most people when they listen to hip hop. Of course they will relate to the the 2pacs and biggies of the world but what about the Slumvillages and The Roots of the world. Looking back on all the hard work and dedication that J.Dilla had for the game, its then i realised that the man simply loved music there was no bullshitting for him when it came to music, he loved music and music loved him.
Listening to some of his beats i swear the man must have been high or in fact alien because some of what he came out with. my God the stuff is out of this world, his collaborations are off the chain and for any musician to say that they worked hard i think it a total lie because you can tell with his beats that he really put in the dedication and blood sweat and tears. And that is something that his children and grandchildren will live to share with the world as well as his friends and partners in the game like De La Soul just put out the collaboration that was done with his beats.
If you look for the records Like Water For Chocolate and listen to The light and most of the other songs you can really hear the beats and production in the album.
I’m not even gonna front, i loved Slumvillages’ album Fantastic Vol 2 like climax and Raise it up have got to be two of my favourite tracks and for me at the album is in my top half my 20 and i can say that because i love music and a huge fan of hip hop.

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